Computer Arts Magazine Designers Challenge

posted by admin on 2011.03.04, under MBGD Design

I was invited by Nick Carson, editor at Computer Arts, to participate in the Magazine’s Designer Challenge along with three other designers. Each of us were assigned to execute some designs using the words Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. My particular assignment was to execute four restaurant logos with the mentioned words. Tight deadline (as it usual is in the editorial realm) but a fun project. None of us four had any idea what the other fellow designer’s assignments were. Can’t wait to see what they came up with. I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

Swaan + Christos USA Tour

posted by admin on 2010.12.12, under MBGD Design

Swaan and Christos will be touring the USA throughout 2011. A duet of songwriters playing their respective repertories together on the piano and guitar. Best of wishes.

King Pigeon Yoga Posters

posted by admin on 2010.12.12, under MBGD Design

If you like Yoga and you live in NYC you should probably check out AC Berkheiser’s classes at the King Pigeon Yoga. AC is an accomplished Yoga instructor and an exceptional person whose thrill for life will invite you to discover a new range of Yoga related activities.

New York Yankees 2010

posted by admin on 2010.08.31, under MBGD Design

Like every year, the guys at Catch NYC asked us to work on some designs for the Yankees Poster Night Game. The day in which every fan finds a poster in his seat at the New Yankee Stadium and hundreds more are given out. In prior editions we have designed posters featuring Jorge Posada, Jason Giambi, Tino Martinez, and Mike Mussina. This year, among other layouts, we’ve executed a couple of stencil-based designs which I’ve enjoyed enormously. No design app or PHSH filter/plugin can even attempt to recreate the awesome effect that can be achieved with color spray  The following is some of our contribution to the 2010 edition. Images by Tom Flint and Mike Macchione.

Identity Design for LT Burger NY

posted by admin on 2010.08.30, under MBGD Design

We were assigned to develop the identity, branding and collaterals for the new casual-chic burger spot chef Laurent Touroundel has opened in Downtown Sag Harbor, New York. LT Burger offers a traditional and classic prime quality american burger menu both to eat in and take away. For this typography based identity, we used wood-type for the logo and a wide range of typefaces to spread the american flavor throughout the menus.

Identity Design for Remenart

posted by admin on 2010.06.19, under MBGD Design

Remenart sort of means “art-stirring” in catalan. It’s actually a made up word to describe what these guys really do. They get involved in all sorts of artistic related disciplines such as sound engineering or stand design for trade shows. Here’s the logo and business cards we have designed for them.

BOS1964 Design Book

posted by admin on 2010.06.15, under MBGD Design

So after a long production process, I finally hold in my hands a sample of the BOS1964 Design Book. It looks really nice and beautifully printed, unfortunately the pics I’ve taken of it won’t fully deliver such impression. Bos1964 is a high-end top quality office furniture design firm and manufacturer which combines top-notch technology and traditional manufacturing processes to create really unique and exclusive office furniture. When you look at what they do you really feel like they are the Jaguar of the office furniture world and that maybe Mies would have wanted some of it for his own studio. I’d like to thank Xavi and Eva for their patience and implication in this project.

SantaMonica Poster Design 2010

posted by admin on 2010.06.11, under MBGD Design

Here are some of the posters you’ll be able to purchase in the new SantaMonica website. Posters will be available in two different sizes, A2 60 x 40 cm / 23.60 x 15.75 in and A3 40 x 30 cm / 15.75 x 11.80 in, printed in a 10 ink Epson and on 250g german stock and ready to be shipped worldwide.

And of course, you will also be able to acquire any print of the first set of SantaMonica Limited Edition Posters.

2010 SantaMonica t-shirt Collection

posted by admin on 2010.06.11, under MBGD Design

We are glad to announce SantaMonica is launching the 2010 t-shirt collection. Here are some of the designs that very soon will be available for purchase at the new website which will be up and running in about two weeks. We have also opened two new boutiques in Barcelona and we are also working on a new set of star grid posters featuring a whole bunch of new portraits that will also be available in our online store. Stay tuned, will keep you posted with news.

Touch Branding

posted by admin on 2010.05.19, under MBGD Design

We were featured in the ArtPower’s Corporate Identity book Touch Branding, released early this year. It’s a privilege to share pages among such amazing designers and inspiring projects.