New Website

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No more procrastinating. The new website is finally up and running.

Behance Portfolio Review BCN

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October 31st, 2012.

The Moritz Factory in Barcelona hosted the second Behance Portfolio Review. The guys from Atipus and Toormix put together a nice event in which yours truly had the chance, along with five talented artists, to share some of the work we’ve done since we became members of the Behance Network.

A Whale for the Sea Shepherd

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Last winter, while working in New York, Mike Macchione and I used to watch the Sea Shepherd documentaries in the conference room during lunch. That was the first time I heard of them. I was really impressed to see how bravely they confronted whalers, the way their actions were directed to be effective, fearless yet not necessarily violent.

A few months later I went to an Xavier  Rudd’s show in Barcelona and noticed that he was selling the Sea Shepherd’s merchandise along with his own. Inspired by this, I created the artwork of a whale and offered it to the Sea Shepherd who accepted it with amazing and inspiring kindness and warmth.

Contribute to the cause purchasing any item at their online store

Many thanks to Annie Fickes and Jennifer Johnson.

NIKE / Just Do It

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Our latest design for Nike.


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Biopölitan is a project I started late last year in Barcelona. The main idea is to use graphic design to say something about the planet we live in, about nature, about the things and organisms that have been given to us naturally and might not be there tomorrow unless we give our ways a second thought. The project goal is to invite graphic artists to participate and donate a design piece that will be presented in a book the proceeds of which will be donated to environmental associations.

I recently created a piece for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Their kind and enthusiastic response made me believe in this project even more. It’s not just money that can be donated to those who actively fight to change the world.

Computer Arts Magazine Designers Challenge

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I was invited by Nick Carson, editor at Computer Arts, to participate in the Magazine’s Designer Challenge along with three other designers. Each of us were assigned to execute some designs using the words Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. My particular assignment was to execute four restaurant logos with the mentioned words. Tight deadline (as it usual is in the editorial realm) but a fun project. None of us four had any idea what the other fellow designer’s assignments were. Can’t wait to see what they came up with. I’m sure it’ll be awesome.