Identity Design for Remenart

posted by admin on 2010.06.19, under MBGD Design

Remenart sort of means “art-stirring” in catalan. It’s actually a made up word to describe what these guys really do. They get involved in all sorts of artistic related disciplines such as sound engineering or stand design for trade shows. Here’s the logo and business cards we have designed for them.

BOS1964 Design Book

posted by admin on 2010.06.15, under MBGD Design

So after a long production process, I finally hold in my hands a sample of the BOS1964 Design Book. It looks really nice and beautifully printed, unfortunately the pics I’ve taken of it won’t fully deliver such impression. Bos1964 is a high-end top quality office furniture design firm and manufacturer which combines top-notch technology and traditional manufacturing processes to create really unique and exclusive office furniture. When you look at what they do you really feel like they are the Jaguar of the office furniture world and that maybe Mies would have wanted some of it for his own studio. I’d like to thank Xavi and Eva for their patience and implication in this project.

SantaMonica Poster Design 2010

posted by admin on 2010.06.11, under MBGD Design

Here are some of the posters you’ll be able to purchase in the new SantaMonica website. Posters will be available in two different sizes, A2 60 x 40 cm / 23.60 x 15.75 in and A3 40 x 30 cm / 15.75 x 11.80 in, printed in a 10 ink Epson and on 250g german stock and ready to be shipped worldwide.

And of course, you will also be able to acquire any print of the first set of SantaMonica Limited Edition Posters.

2010 SantaMonica t-shirt Collection

posted by admin on 2010.06.11, under MBGD Design

We are glad to announce SantaMonica is launching the 2010 t-shirt collection. Here are some of the designs that very soon will be available for purchase at the new website which will be up and running in about two weeks. We have also opened two new boutiques in Barcelona and we are also working on a new set of star grid posters featuring a whole bunch of new portraits that will also be available in our online store. Stay tuned, will keep you posted with news.