AGVA .01

posted by admin on 2009.07.09, under MBGD Design

Here’s a layout we have designed for the record that will stand as a promo item to celebrate SantaMonica’s first year as an Apparel brand. The record is called AGVA .01 (Arkitempura Grotesk Various Artists) and will carry an insert with some blanks to fill up. This coupon will be redeemed at our boutiques and you will get a Limited Edition and exclusively designed¬†Poker Play Cards Set to play some hands while you listen to the electronic downtempo nujazz tunes that we are currently putting together. We have also designed the Promo Poster for the Record that those who live in Barcelona will hopefully be able to see around pretty soon and an also Limited Edition silk-printed promo t-shirts that will be available in the SantaMonica‘s website.



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