posted by admin on 2008.12.10, under MBGD Design

Fried-Onions is a multidisciplinary studio in Berlin co-founded by our friend James Cox with whom we’ve collaborated in the past both in the design and the laughter field. James, who has been working both in Barcelona and London has now settled in Berlin. He recently invited us, along with many other designers and artists, to collaborate with some pieces for and Advent Calendar they are putting together for this year.

Check out their stuff,, they are really amazing. Incredible animation flash/video stuff and much more. We really hope we can visit them soon. I have had the chance to visit Berlin several times before as it is one of the most incredible, dynamic and art-advanced cities in Europe, and now we really have a good excuse to drop by yet again.

Here’s our contribution to the Fried-Onions Advent Calendar.


designs for fried onions

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