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We want to wish the best for Cocoro and our dear friend Yuko Mizuno who just opened up her own salon in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Yuko has been dreaming of this beautiful project for a long time now. She has always wanted to have her own space to work her magic on people’s hair and we have always been expectant for that moment to arrive and to be able to contribute with our part. We started creating the logo for Cocoro (which means “heart” in Japanese) as soon as she told us she was seriously considering this name for her new salon. A name we loved from the beginning and that really inspired us throughout the project.

We have had the privilege to work with AC Berkheiser from the Northsea Division who has taken care of the production in this project. The website is currently being developed by MacchioneInk and we hope that soon it will be up and running so you all can visit Yuko at Cocoro both virtually and physically.



Yes. Obama. Yes.

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It’s 12:30 am, Wednesday, November 5th, 2008. I have been deeply moved by the most beautiful speech I’ve ever heard from a US president or any president at all. Barack Obama has just spoken to the US and to the world in an unprecedented manner in this country. Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, right now as I type this, is a huge celebration. AC and me, and our temporary little friend Winston, representing in our small and humble way the US, Europe and the canine world want to share this beautiful and intense moment with everyone, but especially, send our most supportive vibes to Barack Obama.




New York City '08 Marathon

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Right in front of our house, in Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, we watched on Sunday, Nov. 2nd, these brave, inspiring and humbling people of all ages, skin colors, political and religious beliefs, run, walk, march and ride under the same common denominator. More than 40,000 people sharing unconditionally their passion for sport, for participating. Here’s a little sample of participants from all over the world that went by our door and our camera during the impressive 2008 New York City Marathon.