Back in NYC

posted by admin on 2008.10.21, under MBGD Design

Back in NY. It feels really nice to be back in town. Sharing life between Barcelona and New York or vice-versa is really a privilege. It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely a privilege. This is a significant moment here in the US. Obama is closer everyday to winning the general elections and becoming the change that many of us have been waiting for, not only for the US but for the world. It’s also a significant moment because fall is a gorgeous and very creative time to be in this city. The trees in Park Slope and Central Park form unbelievable color gradients that go from reds to greens and yellows and incredible combinations of these colors. The sunsets in September are also outstanding in NY. 

Sometimes it feels like both New York and Barcelona are washing machines. Barcelona is like when the washing machine gently spins for quite a long time while fresh water circulates and soap makes steady and dense foam. New York feels more like a brief intense spin cycle, when it rinses out the water in a frantic spinning that makes you see all the different clothes and their colors through the door spinning fast.

Both seem to compensate each other. Both seem to be unable to give you nice, fresh and clean clothes without one another.

As far as work goes, SantaMonica has been the biggest project we have been working on lately. And it’s almost ready. In a bit we will show you how it came out. We also attended one of the Yankees last games before the Stadium will be taken down to build the new one. Our friend Mike Macchione designed the poster for the last Poster Night at the stadium and I had the pleasure to see my dear Claudine from VSA/Chicago in Manhattan. We are also working on the identity for the new hair salon that Yuko Mizuno is about to open up in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Coming soon.

My best for everyone out there from Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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