1,000 and rising…

posted by admin on 2008.06.26, under MBGD Design

As of June 24 our blog reached 1,000 visits and we would like to thank all those who stopped by, whether intentionally or by chance, also those who have contributed leaving us some comments with feedback (as we kindly encourage everyone to do so) or sweet kind words. We hope it will keep receiving more and more visits as we make it grow and grow with it. I am personally very happy. It’s sincerely exciting. Few people were told about our blog and somehow it has modestly reached many others. Very humbling, really. Thank you everyone.


posted by admin on 2008.06.18, under MBGD Design

As we already announced, SantaMonica, the new brand we have created together with Pixel 93, is getting closer to be launched. Ten t-shirts have been designed, five in black and five in white. The t-shirts have an exclusive cut for men and women and high quality fabric made in Barcelona has been used to produce them. Very soon will proceed with the screen-printing while we keep developing the other elements for the collection such as shirts, bermudas, hoods, a backpack and other items to have ready for the photo session that will take place this summer and that will kick off the style book and website design to launch SantaMonica.

Here’s an advance of the t-shirt designs in a preview that we hope you guys will enjoy.

PS. Mrs King, please let us know the one you like… will ship it to Philadelphia as soon as it is printed.




7th Annual Heroes for Hope Gala

posted by admin on 2008.06.17, under MBGD Design

Yesterday took place the 7th Annual Jorge Posada Foundation Heroes for Hope Gala at The Pierre Hotel in New York. We really wish we could have taken the invitation but we were unable to attend. AC Berkheiser and Mike Macchione from C24 were able to go and both of them thought it was a great gala, rewarding and inspirational. Despite of all the glamour and vanity displayed in these kind of events, we are happy to feel our design will contribute to help kids who suffer from Craniosynostosis have a better life. Everyone’s priceless contribution will also help to make important improvements on the medical research field to develop new and more efficient treatments against the disease. Cameras were not allowed except for the official media, so we’ve taken some images from Getty. Soon our sweet hookups will get us good shots from the gala. Thanks AC and Mike for the flattering words.