So long, beloved photos

posted by admin on 2008.05.23, under MBGD Design

This one is not really about design. Or maybe it is in a way. Maybe, but it’s more about a loss. It’s more about how much I hate to loose material when I backup and format my Mac. It seems to be a tradition in my life already. I can’t recall having ever backed up everything successfully before such an easy operation. In the past, losses haven’t been too dramatic. Some fonts here, some files there… it was usually stuff I could recuperate or else let go without many tears. This time, though… this time, the one that types here has lost hundreds of high res shots taken since 2004, I think. Go ahead and ask… are you flipping stupid? Backing up is the easiest thing to do! I know… I poke my lower lip and think of all the images, all the photos that are gone. Images from many cities, places and things, and people (unknown ones, friends, family…) and jobs I had used in many of my projects. Something I was always innerly and humbly very proud of… To design something using your own photography. I was positive I had backed up the iPhoto folder in my Passport Hard Drive.

Two weeks ago I broke my right hand’s thumb during an Ultimate Frisbee game. Since then, I have been able to improve my lazy and clumsy left hand as I’ve observed an interesting improvement in my positive perception of life. Losses, winnings. It’s all relative, right? So I am thinking that the same principle can be applied to the loss of my photo library. No question about the fact that I will be coursing my bones for quite a while, but here’s a great chance and opportunity to grab the cameras, lenses, step out, near or far, and snap around (I am so going back to LA, dammit!!!). So as a tribute to the gone shots, here are some pieces to which they kindly contributed.

Aqüeducte .08

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If you like photography, Aqüeducte 2008 is one of the most legit contests in which to participate. There are over 54 countries participating in this International Biennial of Photography that this year reaches its 10th edition celebrating its 20th anniversary with the imminent publication of this edition’s book. We have gladly designed the identities for the last three editions and the biennial books.

I personally love photography almost as much as I love music and it’s always a real satisfaction and privilege to work on something one really enjoys.

Jaume Badia is the president and cofounder of AFOCER, the association that created the Biennial and the man that, together with other photography lovers, has turned this event that survives out of passion for photography and a very tight budget into something internationally respected and renowned among photographers and digital artists. The book will be distributed to more than 50 countries and we hope that these guys will continue harvesting great biennials and great reviews all over the world.


European Tour .08

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My dear friend Maarten, member and cofounder of Melou, has recently told us that the band has started playing in Holland and Belgium and that the gigs have been wonderful so far. The sad news is that the old and awesome band’s van will require a heart transplant. This gorgeous old Mercedes with a nice kitchenette and 4 beds in it has many, many miles behind her wheels.

We hope the shows will keep going well and hopefully I’ll fly soon to Utrecht to spend a few days with the guys and enjoy some nice life music. 



Battery Park

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This is Melou’s new album. After all it looks like flies and humans have a lot in common. You can check out their music at and the complete album design at


MELOU on tour

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Melou said goodbye to Barcelona with an outstanding show at the Harlem Jazz Club. The band will be touring Europe for the next few months starting in Holland and touring through Germany, UK, Belgium and wherever they are welcome to play. The new album Battery Park has been released and soon there will be a bunch of merchandise pieces available. We went out for a photo session that came out pretty good. No digital this time. It was just the very old Nikon F from the 70s that my grandfather used for years. We took four different lenses and shot both color and B/W. Digital is fast, practical and convenient, but nothing kicks ass like an old Nikon does.