Metrodanceclub Strikes Back

posted by admin on 2008.02.08, under MBGD Design

It has been a while since the last time we heard from MDC.
MDC is a big and relevant club in Spain, located on the Mediterranean coast, they book la creme de la creme of the DJ/Clubbing world offering great sessions to those who love electronic music.

We have, and still do, designed graphic identities for several of their festivals. Their 16th anniversary will be the next one.



Talkin' Business

posted by admin on 2008.02.01, under MBGD Design

This is Manel (, one of the most talented graphic designers I know. He has been living in Berlin for a bunch of years and came back to Barcelona pretty much when I returned last time from NY.
We are in Barcelona, we are hungry, and there’s good food around here.

To be continued…


Jorge Posada Craniosynostosis Foundation

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Craniosynostosis is one of the most terrible diseases affecting children in this century. It affects the skull and facial formation on babies and children. Its devastating effects can only be treated through very painful surgery that children endure with astonishing bravery and positivism.
I am very glad to announce that Jorge Posada and his wife Laura have chosen the Poster and Logo I designed about a month ago from the C24 office in Barcelona as the visual for such event. Jorge and his wife are the Founders of the Foundation and they know very well what a terrible Craniosynostosis is since their son suffers it. I had seen images of this syndrome before but I must admit I had never studied in deeper detail. After C24 got the assignment of developing the Identity for the J. P. Foundation Annual Fundraising Gala I started researching about it to develop a concept and a new logo for the Foundation itself. What I saw broke my heart. What I learnt made me feel a bit guilty for not being aware of this tragic disease affecting children everyday in this world and casting them away from society. I encourage you to learn a little more about it.
This is one of those projects I had always wanted to work on. Something that will do good to this damaged world and that will put whatever design skills I may have at the service of a very human and noble cause.
It is tragic and terrible that Jorge Posada and his wife Laura have had to see their son suffer from Craniosynostosis, but on the other hand, his relevance as an outstanding athlete with integrity and an indubitable professional reputation has helped others to turn their attention and admiration for Jorge into an awareness and consideration for another serious human condition that deserves precisely that, human care, human attention and human love.
We are really excited to develop this project together with Mike and AC over at C24 New York.
Here are the initial layouts we sent them.
They chose the vintage poster.


Dear Carol King

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Ben King, my dear friend and designer from NYC just mentioned to me that his mother Carol was sad that Abcdesign died in the design-business battlefield and that she liked our t-shirts. Well, dear Mrs. King, I must tell you that I am touched and honestly happy to know of your kind and encouraging thoughts. Please allow me to tell you that we have started a new brand called SantaMonica and that we will send you your favorite t-shirt of the new line as soon as the designs are produced. We will keep you posted. Thank you so much, dear Mrs. Carol, you and your son made me very happy today.