The Death of Abcdesign

posted by admin on 2008.01.29, under MBGD Design

The t-shirt brand Abcdesign that I created a few years ago has just died. It was a lot of fun working on it, one of my first projects that had a short but decent life. Abcdesign was in the Bread and Butter show and mostly sold in BCN. But after sad news always come good news. I am ready to launch, together with the partner/investor in Abcdesign, Jordi Galopa, a new line of t-shirts, hoods, flipflops and backpacks that will most likely be called SantaMonica. I have always loved this name and Jordi loves it, so I guess that’s the new brand I will be messing around with for a while. Will see how it evolves, but the first goal is to be in the next Bread and Butter show next July in Barcelona.

Some images of the deceased Abcdesign for the memories.

abcdesign1.jpg abcdesign2.jpg abcdesign4.jpgabcdesign5.jpg abcdesign3.jpg abcdesign6.jpg 

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